GT3RS/GT2RS Riser Install

RSNV is not responsible for damage to your car due to improper installation. We recommend professional installation.

1. Gather required tools:

  • 2x Torx T30 sockets w/ drivers
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Rag
  • Blue Loctite

2. Remove the wing from the stock risers using a T30 driver on either side to loosen the bolts. Be careful not to lose the washer which sits between the wing mounting tab and riser!

3. Remove the three lower screws attaching the stock riser to the decklid on either side. If the threaded insert starts backing out of the decklid as you're loosening the screws, follow step 4- otherwise, move on to step 5.

4. Use vice grips or pliers to hold the insert still while you remove the screw. You'll have to slot the head of the insert using a Dremel tool or similar, then thread it back into place with a flathead screwdriver before proceeding with the install.
Slotting the head with a Dremel tool
5. Once all screws are removed, carefully work the riser off of the decklid. It's held on with some light adhesive, so applying some heat can help to loosen the adhesive and ease removal. Optional- use a rag and some rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive residue.
Side of decklid after cleaning adhesive residue

6. Install the RSNV wing risers, torquing all screws to 8 Nm (6 ft-lbs). Use blue loctite on all threads, to ensure they don't back out.
Installing RSNV riser

7. Re-install the wing, placing the washer between the mounting tab and riser, as shown. There are three different wing angle options, depending on which mounting hole you use. The upper-most hole results in maximum downforce/drag. Again, torque all bolts to 8 Nm (6 ft-lbs). Use blue loctite on all threads, to ensure they don't back out.
Correct placement of washer
Mounting in the upper hole for maximum downforce
And, that's it! Feel free to reach out with any questions- we're here to help!